Sunday, September 4, 2011

Long time No blog...

Well, it's been over a month since I've blogged any special thoughts, any observations of faith, and any reflections... and the honest truth is that it's been about a month since my brain has been mentally capable of any of those things. 

My excuse.... 

August is a slightly busy time in the life of a University. We brought in student staff for training on August 1, and I continued until Freshmen move in on the 26th. In the week before move in (and I just mean Sunday - Friday), I worked 88 hours and slept about 30... until Friday night when I crashed for 13 hours straight. Friday night was a good night. :) 

The thing is... all that work... it wasn't for my job... 
{it was for my students}

I really appreciate that God used this crazy busy time of life to remind me of what I love. When I was stressed, my RAs were there. When I was working till after midnight... they were too. The 37 students I supervise this year are special... just like all those I have had the honor of working with before... but these 37 have just served as a great reminder for me... some of these freshmen I have met this week serve as a great reminder to me... 

i love college students. 
i desire to invest in college students. 
i want to be intentional in my relationships with college students. 
i want to make an impact on their college experience. i want to make it better. 

So... now as things are calming down, and as I am having time to use my brain for things other than thinking about residents and room measurements... i have to get back into the Word. I need to get back into the Word. My body is now rested, but my heart needs to find rest in Him and His Will. I need that... that's all there is to it... and I have to commit to do what it takes to get that. 

Sorry I've been an absent blogger lately... but as the reflections and observations come, so will the blogs... in fact, I'm already thinking of others now. :)

Love Y'all, 

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