Tuesday, July 19, 2011

My Poem of Prayer.

Where is the change that I seek
The peace which I so desire to find?
Lord, lately I don’t seem to understand
The plans for me which You have in mind.

My heart is heavy
My mind confused.
Will there ever be a “Yes” or an open door?
Because at this point my plans seemed to fall the floor.

I’m not sure where to go,
I’ve no clue what I want to do.
All I know is that despite it all,
My desire is still to serve You.

I pray I’ll make a difference
in someone else’s day,
so that I can show them Your Love,
Your Grace, Your Plan to light the way.

The Bible says that I’m Your “workmanship,”
Which I’ll never understand.
How a lowly unfaithful sinner like me
can be a masterpiece from Your hand.

And if I am this Masterpiece
with so many cracks and flaws,
Why do You continue to love and guide me
when I sometimes doubt you hear me at all?

I’m sorry Lord for this I confess
Is my problem as of late.
I want to follow Your will for me,
But too often I lack the patience to wait.

This is what You test,
My patience and not my Faith.
For You know my mind and You know my heart
And here in lies the great debate.

You see my mind doesn’t always listen
To the things that my heart says.
My heart knows you have plans for me,
For in your Word that promise I read.

I have followed you through the deep dark Valleys
With the Mountaintop as the goal.
Only You know if I’ll ever get there,
But I promise to follow till my days of old.

As I travel this journey of uncertainty
I pray that you will reveal,
Your plans, Your will, Your path for me,
And that ultimately, Your peace will I feel.

I know the answer may not be what I desire,
It may be “Go here,” “Wait till Later,” or simply “No.”
But Lord, wherever You lead I will follow,
Wherever You guide I will go.

-          Kacey 

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