Friday, June 29, 2012

The most important things...

I have been heartbroken as I watch the news of the families who are losing their homes out west in these fires. So many are now homeless... 32,000 evacuated and I think around 350 homes destroyed per the last report I read. As I watched the footage, as these people are having to evacuate the homes that they built and the belongings they have worked hard to own, it got me to thinking... 

If a fire was coming my way... 
and I had time to grab a few things I knew I could save, 
what would those things be?

I sat on my couch thinking about it... and as I looked around the room I couldn't think of much. I live by myself, so I don't have all that much... and my first thoughts were basic - purse, laptop, cell phone/charger, some clothes and sturdy shoes. Those things just seem necessary... the purse to pay bills, laptop/phone for communication, and clothing/shoes to have something to wear. The only posessions I would try my best to save are those that are already kept in a fireproof box - Daddy's Bible and a Q&A journal I gave him for Father's day once, Pawpaw Cole's dog tags, Mawmaw Scarbrough's wedding jewlery, and some old family pictures that I don't have scanned on to my conputer. That all seems pretty simple, and could be contained within a suitcase, but like I said... I don't have kids to think about... which would add to the list of necessities I'm sure would be needed. 

Wednesday, June 20, 2012


by Dannon Cole

Think of your favorite hymn. Or at least one of them. Imagine if you will that you are in a very large crowd and they do the same. Then everyone sings their favorite song at the same time. That’s right, all at one time and all together.
Now you may think: “That makes no sense at all”, but it does. Have you ever stopped to realize amid all the apparent confusion of our singing God had no problem at all sorting it all out. It wasn’t the least bit confusing to him. At any given time there are thousands, maybe millions of Christians all over the world singing, praying, preaching, and talking to God at the same time! Not to mention all the other things he can and does watch moment by moment.

In our finite way we tend to place limits on the infinite one. When our lives, as they often do, become crowded up with apparent confusion, we shortchange the Lord of all creation. Does life sometimes seem, like our singing, like it makes no sense? Do you seem to get lost in the “noise” of it all? Just you remember: You are never “lost” to God. He ever sees, ever hears, and he always can hear you. He can hear your singing” THROUGH IT  ALL. He can hear your praying: THROUGH IT ALL.  He can see your feeble efforts to communicate with him: THROUGH IT ALL. And when you feel insignificant, and small, when you feel that you are being overpowered by so many others, He sees, he hears, he knows.

So sing, even if others sing louder and better. Pray, even if you feel your prayer is feeble and you are unworthy. Don’t give up if the crowd is in the way, because just as Jesus felt the touch of the sickly woman with the “issue of blood” he will “feel” your touch when you reach out to him, and he IS within your reach, ALWAYS. He will feel your touch for the same reason. The “issue” is still “BLOOD”. If you are his, it’s because of the BLOOD. If you wish to belong to him, your issue is still “BLOOD”. You need it, Jesus gave it for you at Calvary, and without it there is NO HOPE! 

So today, reach out to him. Reach out with your voice, reach out with your heart, Give him the confusion, the noise, the heartache, this load you are bearing. He offers peace, forgiveness, escape, and yes even confidence. Then after you have experienced his presence you will say as Isaiah of old.

"Cry out and shout, thou inhabitant of Zion, for great is the Holy one of Israel “ IN THE MIDST OF THEE”! (Isa. Chapter 12:6)

Celebrate his gain...

I don't really know how to start this blog, but I felt like I needed to write it. Maybe as therapy for me... maybe to be helpful to someone else... I don't really know, but after a nearly 3 month blog sabbatical - here goes... 

It's officially June 20th, which means we hit another year... another year without Daddy here with us. 

I was praying earlier to not relive that day... I just don't want to think about the details... but I think it may be inevitable. Ultimately, the biggest detail is that unavoidable one - My life changed on June 20 2009, and it won't ever be the same. 

I don't want this to sound depressing... there is no hiding that I'm sad. In fact, if you saw me right now you would witness a big tear sitting on my cheek and the sniffles that always accompany crying. But I cannot be depressed, because my prayer... my mantra for today is... 

{Celebrate his gain, not mourn his loss}

Easier said than done, of course... but it's a little goal. I miss so many things about him... but I know that his work here on earth was done and on the morning of June 20th it was time for him to reap the reward of the seeds he had sown on this earth... and he sowed many, literally and spiritually. 

I can't describe the blessing he was... it just isn't possible to put him into words which he so gracefully and creatively used to write his songs and observations on life. I wish I could... so that I could explain to all of you who never met him what a truly amazing and unique person he was... a one of a kind without question. Daddy wrote in his bible (my most precious possession) a type of mission statement for himself which I think describes his attitude toward his place in this world so well. 

{I am God's creation, unique from all others. I am what I am because God needed me like this. I am better suited for my place in this world than anyone in this world. No other can take my place, Do what I can do, Be what I can be. -DC}

I pray that we can all have Daddy's attitude about ourselves as individuals. Do your best at being who you are and always recognize that you are God's unique creation. I also think that there is a challenge in that statement as well. If the Lord loved you enough to create you with unique talents, skills, personality, and abilities... you sure as heck better not waste them on anything lest than being your best at those things... because using what He gave you for
His glory, well... that's our job as Christians. 

I know that Mom, Shane, and I aren't the only ones who shed tears over missing Daddy... he had a slew of family members and a heap of friends. I truly don't think he knew how much he impacted others... but that certainly never stopped him from trying. I think I'll spend some time blogging some of his writing and my thoughts on them in the days to come...

I hope that as the years add up... as we get to 4, 5... 10 that June 20th eill continue to be a day of rememberance and reflection with less and less sadness every year. For me this day will forevermore serve as a reminder of the type of person I should be... more like my daddy. Loving, Hardworking, caring, creative, a leader, a friend to all... just a few of his attributes that I hope to always strive for. 

There are many more things I could say but only a few more I will add. For those of you who have prayed for us and been there for us - thank you, and please continue them... especially tomorrow. 

I want to leave you with something Daddy wrote that shows his wisdom on life... and a thought we all need to consider... because we will all experience these realities in life. 

"The only guarantees in life are death and failure! 
They are unavoidable and certain. 
It is how we deal with these two realities 
that will in fact determine out degree of happiness, 
fulfillment and success! 
- Dan"

Love y'all so much...