Thursday, May 26, 2011

The worst call I ever received...

It just hit me that 2 years ago tomorrow (I don't remember the number day, but it was this Friday) I was on a subway after attending a Chicago Cubs baseball game with my best friend and her family in Chicago... Liz got a phone call and became very serious, and then passed the phone to me. Through the loud voices on the train, I overheard Daddy's vocie.

"Baby, I have Leukemia."... (something like that.)



... the phone cut out and Liz just stared at me. "What did you hear," she asked. Then confirmed the horrible news.

I couldn't talk. I didn't know what to think. I tried to dial the phone again and again but the calls wouldn't go through because we were underground. When the train got to our stop I ran. Up the stairs, on to the street, to the hotel. As soon as I got service I called Daddy back and had him tell me again.

I remember sitting on a bench outside the hotel and just crying. Liz's brother and sister an law caught up to me and didn't know why I had left the train so quickly. I couldn't stop crying, and Martha Jane was sweet enough to put her arm on my shoulder and let me cry. I think they might have prayed for me... I don't really remember. That part is real blurry.

I made plans to leave Chicago a day early. I texted everyone I knew to pray. I called my boss and told her the news, and she made plans to pick me up at the airport the next day. Liz's family left me to make plans and cry, which I needed... and I met them for dinner later.

Ryan (friend like a little brother) called, and I sobbed in an alley while I asked him how he got through his dad's cancer. I tried to rationalize in my head... I tried not to think about it... all I wanted was to get home to my daddy.

When I got back to Birmingham on Saturday, Lauren (my boss) took me back to campus and I frantically packed. I had no clue how long I would be home or what I would need. Frankly I don't remember processing it all that much. I just threw things in a bag and got in my car. I called Daddy to tell him I was on the way home and he told me that Shane was in Tuscaloosa and would be there to pick me up soon. I got mad that they were making me wait to get home... I just wanted to get home...

When I got there... I honestly don't even remember what we did. There were so many visitors. My whole family was there... some of Daddy's co workers came to visit. People were coming to say goodbye even though they didnt know it. I don't remember our last conversation at home... and that makes my heart and soul hurt that I can't remember.... I'm sure we probably sat in the swing, I'm sure we probably talked about his Leukemia... I'm sure he asked me about my trip to Chicago.... but I can't remember. I just can't remember.

It's been two years since the worst phone call of my life... but I honestly think remembering it now was worse that when it happened. When I got the call I had hope... now that I remember the news all I feel is the loss.

It's these moments that it hurts. I hate these milestones... and I hate that for the rest of my life I will recognize them as such. These milestones cause me to mourn, not to celebrate... and I hate that.

I'm going home this weekend... which is the last weekend he was at home 2 years ago.

The next weekend that I'm planning to go home is Father's Day weekend... which was when he died two years ago.

It's just hitting me how hard this next month is going to be.Please keep mom, Shane, and I in your prayers this month... Sometime you need the comfort that only God can bring... and in my shaky, crying, runny nose, emotional state right now... that's what I need. I know I'm okay... and more than anything I know that he is okay... but I miss him so much, no one or nothing can take that away but God.

{It is better to trust in the LORD

Than to put confidence in man.}

Psalm 118:8

Love Y'all,


Saturday, May 21, 2011

End of the World... or not...

So I have been thinking about this Rapture prediction for the last few days... and I just can't NOT write about it.

First of all, I don't believe it. The bible very specifically states that NO ONE except the Father knows when He will return, Jesus specifically states that...

“But of that day and hour no one knows, not even the angels of heaven, but My Father only." Matthew 24: 36

So if Jesus, who well... is God in a sense, doesn't know when He (God) will make the decision for Jesus to return to Earth to take believers home... how does this guy from California know?? It seems he skipped out on a bit of scripture and spent too much time with his calculator.

I guess this whole theory has gotten me to thinking about some things though... which is good. Since we do not know the time... the day... the year... that He will return, I need to be on watch. I need to be considering my actions more. If I am ever doing anything that I wouldn't want to be doing when He returned, should I be committing that action period.

Answer is simple here... it's no.

"Watch therefore, for you do not know what hour your Lord is coming. But know this, that if the master of the house had known what hour the thief would come, he would have watched and not allowed his house to be broken into. Therefore you also be ready, for the Son of Man is coming at an hour you do not expect."

Matthew 24: 42-44

So what am I doing currently since according to that Camping guy the Rapture should occur in about 10 minutes... I just baked some cookies (w/coconut flour and unsweetened chocolate... not so sure how they are going to turn out), I'm watching TV, and blogging to y'all...

I just don't think that God would return to Earth on the day some random man predicted him to... He may, but that's the point... we can't know.

As I said I have been thinking about this a lot... what it would be like... feel like... look like. But the truth is it is going to happen so fast none of that is going to matter unless you are one of those remaining here on Earth. According to my salvation, I won't be... so I'm not too worried about that. I've thought about the fact that if I did know when it would happen... that I might go home and be with my family... but the thing is, I trust in their salvation and that they will be there as well... Yes, the unknown is a little well, scary... but my faith takes away the fear.

There may be some things that I miss out on here on Earth if He comes today or sometime soon... I've never been in love, I will never know what that is like... I will never know what it is like to be a wife and a mom... I'll never make it to Europe where I have wanted to travel for so many years... but... I'll also see some of those that I have been missing out over the last few years, and they will sure be a welcomed sight. I'm no biblical scholar... and I honestly don't know what the family unit looks like in Heaven. I do know that Jesus is going to be there... and whether or not my Daddy knows who I am when I walk in... My Father does, and ultimately that is all that matters. If families are familiar and we will know who each other are, then I have can't even begin to describe the happiness that I will feel not only because I will be there with my Heavenly Father, but because my daddy will be there. I'll be able to see his face in more than my dreams and a picture frame in my apartment. I'll be able to hear Pawpaw's voice and feel my grandmother's hugs. I'll be able to watch Mawmaw Cole walk... and Pawpaw Scarbrough will be so healthy... no coughing or cancer in sight. I long for that... I ache for that reunion... yes, I may miss some of those experience here on Earth that I so look forward to... but in the end... in the Apocalypse Now situation, all that truly matters is my faith in the Lord.

I imagine that moment of praise when I see Him... but I think it will be much sweeter as well as I praise Him in thanks of my family reunion...

Today... and 6pm Eastern, the predicted time of this "Rapture" has now come and gone... I am praying for those who fully believed it was going to happen. For the reason that they truly must not understand scripture, the fact that they have been deceived by a false prediction, and for the reason that if they truly believed this would happen... they must be feeling immense disappointment right now. I just hope that no one does anything rash or dangerous like taking their own lives... that's God's decision and timing... not ours. I pray that no one takes their Eternity into their own hands.

I am sure that there will be a lot of backlash from this prediction... I pray that true Christians will tell the truth... all the truth regarding His coming. We don't when it will be, but we need to be ready. If you're not then there will be quite a challenge for you here on Earth during that time. Friends who are not believers, I pray that you will hear the Truth ( ... because He is coming.

I love y'all... truly I do.


Tuesday, May 17, 2011

God's Timing...

I need these quotes and some prayers to help me be patient on God's timing. He has shown me where, now I just have to wait on the when and how... it's hard though y'all, even though I know that life is so much better in His timing... not mine. His time never makes since until you have the hindsight to look back on it. I know this, but lately my head has been winning out on my heart in thinking about my future... I need the balance, and I need to rest in Him and not worry about the rest.

Please pray that I will seek His perfect plan and open opportunities more than my (and a few others) more immediate satisfaction.

{Be still in the presence of the Lord, and wait patiently for him to act.}

Psalm 37:7

{Patience is the companion of wisdom.}

St. Augustine

{Let us not become weary in doing good,

for at the proper time we will reap a harvest if we do not give up.}

Galatians 6:9

{I've learned to leave the things I can't do nothing about to God,

it's just that pretty regularly he has to remind me,

that I am his, and he is mine. That he is in control,

and if I'm willing to cooperate life will be better.}


Love Y'all, KC

Wednesday, May 4, 2011

If my friends were a hashtag...

This past weekend was such a great blessing of Friendship. One of those times when you just sit back and thank God for the people He has put in your life. One of those times when you wonder why your paths crossed, but once again thank God for orchestrating those paths. In some ways it has reminded me of why I do my job and why I have such a passion to make college a positive experience for students… it’s one of those weekends when I am humbled by His provision of certain people in certain places at certain times in my life. Since I am now addicted to Twitter, I started thinking about these friends, and how I would describe our relationship in a hashtag (#for all you non twitterers). Hope you enjoy:

Way back in 7th grade I met this girl (who was in the 6th grade) who went to District 5 Honor Band from Oak Grove, and she played the bells just like me. Her name was Kristin and that weekend at JCJC was my first memory of her. Many more have come in the 15 or so years since that day, including waking up at 4:30am on Friday morning to watch the Royal Wedding. We happen to love watching important historical moments together, we are especially fond of the Olympics. For the 2004 Olympics, I drove from Oxford to Starkville just to watch the Openeing Ceremonies with her. I'm sure I'll do it again next summer!! #MP4Eva

(Kristin with a horse, somewhere in Europe)

In the Spring of 2002 I was helping to plan a mission trip to Mobile AL, and this transfer student from Northwest Community College wanted to join us since she would be attending Ole Miss the following year. That transfer student is now my best friend, Liz. Though Liz and I only see each other once or twice a year (sadly)… she is an incredibly important person in my life. #Letsgetthispartystarted

(Me and Liz...)

I started my job as a Resident Assistant in the Fall of 2002. I never knew when I took on that job that God would bring 3 special girls into my life through that responsibility. Some of my fondest memories from colleges were with these ladies who at one time called themselves, the Wanches. I have enjoyed spending the weekend with Lindsey and Beth, and we have spent a lot of time thinking of and talking about Sarah who is at home in Ohio impatiently :) awaiting the arrival of her sweet baby Boy. I am so proud to see who these friends have grown into… they are amazing women who’s hilarious laughs, funny comebacks, and sweet smile personally encourages me to be a better professional. #WAAAANCH

(Beth, Me, and Lindsey in the Grove)

(Sarah and her Husband Kyle. Soon to be a family of 3!!!)

As a RA, I met a lot of great people, students from all over the world who chose to do a job to serve others. Some did it for the right reasons, and some didn’t… but along the way I made some excellent friends. I was a RA for two and a half years… and looking back, I can see that it was something God intended me to do (Obviously it led to my current profession). I believe that one of those reasons God’s path took me to the job of RA was to meet Erica. Erica had been a RA in my freshmen building, but we did not work together in the same Residence Hall until my senior year in the Fall of 2004. I honestly don’t recall how our connection started, but we clicked instantly. You know that saying, “brother from another mother”? Well… I guess Erica would be my “sister from another mister”. We don’t see each other very often at all, in fact before we got together on Friday night I had not seen her in probably two years. However, Erica is that friend that there are no awkward pauses with and certainly never a dull moment in conversation. You pick up where you left off years ago and move forward. We share our celebrations (she is Engaged and expecting a baby!!), our frustrations, and our sorrows in a very honest manner. There are so many stories from our days as RAs and so many funny memories. I am blessed to know this special lady. #Doyouwantacookie? #Oreo

(Erica and her funny self! Love her!!)

I love these friends, I am so thankful for these friends. I pray for you my friends.

{"Two are better than one,

because they have a good return for their work:

If one falls down, his friend can help him up.

But pity the man who falls and has no one to help him up."

Ecclesiastes 4:9-10 }

{"A friend loves at all times, And a brother is born for adversity."

Proverbs 17:17}

{"Faithful are the wounds of a friend;

but the kisses of an enemy are deceitful."

Proverbs 27:6}

{"A man that hath friends must shew himself friendly:

and there is a friend that sticketh closer than a brother."

Proverbs 18:24}

Love Y'all, Kace

Tuesday, May 3, 2011


(Note: Not remotely a biblical post, but it's on my heart...)

I moved to Alabama on July 22, 2006, not knowing one person in the city of Birmingham.

Over the last (nearly) 5 years... this state has become my second home. I've never really considered myself an Alabamian, but as I reflect on the last week... I can say that I am.

I was home in Mississippi when the EF4 and EF5 tornados hit Tuscaloosa and the Birmingham area. I will never forget how I felt when I saw this I was sitting in the living room and my breath caught. I cried. I just stared at the television as part of the Birmingham Community was ripped to shreds. Although I knew the tornado was no where near Samford, I was irrationally worried about my students. My heart broke for the people in the path of that monster, as it tore through some of the poorest neighborhoods in Birmingham.

In the hours after, as I was calling my friends to make sure they were okay, my family (who didn't know I was home) were calling my mom and I to make sure I was okay. My Aunt Dena called and when I answered the phone and let her know it was me she was very relieved. Out of state family and friends texted and called, and I greatly appreciate all of their concern and love... I fixed a map to show you where I live in comparison to the areas of the city that were badly damaged. The towns I circled are in really bad shape, especially Pleasant Grove, my neighborhood has a "KC" over it. I live about 10 miles from where the major damage occured.

I was still in Mississippi in the days immediately following the tornado. As I returned to Birmingham on Sunday, and drove through Fultondale to get back to Homewood I saw this... metal from a roof wrapped around a tree multiple times.

I am proud to live in Alabama just as I was very proud of Mississippi after Katrina. I am blown away by the community of this state. They care, We care about each other and empathize with the loss and devastation that so many in our state are experiencing right now.

Earlier this evening Gov. Bentley addressed the state Legislature. I thought this speech was worth reposting for you all to read.

MONTGOMERY, Ala. (AP) - Gov. Robert Bentley's prepared remarks to the
Alabama Legislature on Tuesday night:

Lt. Governor Ivey, Speaker Hubbard, President Marsh, Members of the
Alabama Legislature, and my fellow Alabamians:
It is with a heavy heart, but a hopeful spirit that I speak to you tonight.
The events of the last six days have been like none other in our state's history.
Several long-track tornadoes literally tore through the northern half of Alabama.
Ladies and Gentlemen, our state has never seen a natural disaster of this magnitude.
The National Weather Service so far has confirmed that over 20 large tornadoes
touched down last week. These tornadoes are rated EF3's EF4's and at least one
Tonight, we grieve with the families of hundreds of people who lost their lives last week.
To the families of those who perished, let me say - we are praying for you, and I want you to know you are in our hearts as you go through this difficult time.
The tornadoes Wednesday did not discriminate by age, income, race or political party.
The one thing all of the storm victims have in common - They are all Alabamians.
We all remember the morning of April 27th.
That morning I declared a State of Emergency for Alabama as the powerful storms approached our state. That evening I ordered the deployment of
our Alabama National Guard.
The next morning my office established the Governor's Recovery Response Center and in order to help our citizens, we staffed it around the clock.
On that day, I and members of my Cabinet spread out across this state to respond to the needs of our citizens. And we will continue to be on the front lines until our state is completely rebuilt and every need has been met.
After witnessing the level of devastation first hand, I immediately called upon the President to provide the maximum level of assistance to Alabama.
In response to our request President Obama traveled to our state to see this destruction for himself. Two days later I met him in Tuscaloosa to review the damage. Traveling with him was FEMA Administrator Craig Fugate. I also asked the administrator to make sure that we had every resource we need to respond to the greatest natural disaster to ever hit our state. I left that meeting and headed to Jefferson County, and I have not stopped visiting our people since.
And here's the result of all of our efforts working together: 36 counties so far have been approved for federal disaster assistance.
We have deployed over two thousand Alabama National Guardsmen.
Every single request for their service has been met.
Today, the Federal Emergency Management Agency is on the ground in Alabama with its best personnel in disaster response. FEMA now has a Joint Field Office spread out over ten floors of a downtown Birmingham office building. And I have asked our Department of Industrial Relations to commit their resources to make sure it is Alabamians who are put to work in the recovery and rebuilding effort.
I am in daily contact with the FEMA leadership and they have assured me they are here for the long haul. We have held daily briefings each morning for the entire
We have done the same for our Cabinet, our congressional delegation and their staffs and we will continue to do so for all our elected leaders.
I had a conference call last night and invited all mayors in affected areas to participate.
And 43 were on the line. We will do the same this week for our county commissioners.
We will conduct these calls until every question is answered and every need of our citizens is met.
I have spent the last six days traveling to communities all over Alabama. I've seen for myself the utter devastation in towns large and small. And I've listened to
families tell me of their tragedies.
And I can tell you I have never been more proud to be an Alabamian. Since this tragedy, we have seen the true character of our state. Alabamians care about one another. We take care of each other.
Our first responders - police, fire and rescue personnel - have worked around the clock from the first tornado of Wednesday morning to respond to the
needs of our citizens.
Our Emergency Management Agency has worked constantly to respond quickly and effectively.
Our Alabama National Guard is working tirelessly to provide security and assist with transportation and distribution of aid.
Hospitals and our many health care providers have labored tirelessly
to help the wounded heal.
Churches, synagogues other faith-based organizations are on the ground feeding and clothing those who have been left with almost nothing.
And ordinary citizens - men and women like you and me - have dropped everything to rush to the aid of their neighbors.
College students, senior citizens, parents and school children are all working side by side in our shelters and Recovery Centers.
And let's not forget the thousands of utility workers who have worked day and night to restore power to the citizens of our state.
I want to thank them for a job well done. And I ask you to join me in thanking each and every person in this state who has given of themselves to serve our fellow Alabamians.
Dianne and I had an opportunity to visit with some of the smallest of the storm victims at Children's Hospital in Birmingham. We talked with their parents and heard amazing stories of survival.
For many, they've lost every single thing - their homes, their loved-ones and in many cases their livelihood.
In Hackleburg, an entire town is leveled. Many lives were lost. And the community's largest employer is gone.
It's much the same in the opposite corner of Alabama in the town of Ider. Not only did families there lose their homes, they lost chicken houses - this is the only means they have for providing for their families.
The story repeats itself in town after town.
I have visited our hardest hit counties touched by the tornadoes. If I haven't been to your affected area yet- know this - I will be there soon.
We have spent much of the last six days in a rescue mode. And as much as we pray for additional survivors, we must now enter the recovery process. We will recover those loved ones who perished, with the dignity they deserve. And we will proceed through this lengthy process with care and respect.
The loss of life and property in this state is enormous. We have established a fund for the specific purpose of helping those with unmet needs.
The Governor's Emergency Relief Fund will operate on an on-going basis, and will
be used to fill in the gaps for Alabamians who have exhausted all other avenues
of disaster relief, such as FEMA, Red Cross, the Salvation Army, and any other
disaster relief programs.
Tomorrow morning, I will meet with executives from the four largest property insurance companies in the state. They represent nearly two-thirds of the insurance market in Alabama. I will thank them for their immediate response, but I will also challenge them keep the promises they've made to Alabama families.
It's important to move quickly during the recovery process.
But FEMA funds only cover a portion of the cost associated with debris removal.
State and local governments share the rest. I know local governments have been struggling with how they will pay their share. To make sure there is no delay in getting this recovery and rebuilding process moving quickly, I have committed the state to pay the local government's share for 30 days.
I also ask our local governments to work with their local EMA officials to make sure the process is carried out correctly and effectively. It is imperative that our local governments follow the rules set forth by FEMA, so that the cost qualifies for payment.
If you were affected in any way by the tornadoes, you must call and register with FEMA. We need for you to call 1-800-621-3362.
You must call now so that we may know your losses and the impact on our state.
I'll say it again, call 1-800-621-FEMA
We are beginning an unprecedented rebuilding effort in Alabama. Just like me, many of you in the Legislature have seen these communities. You live there; you've talked with the families face to face like I have.
Ladies and Gentlemen, we cannot - and we will not - let these people down.
As leaders of this state, we will see that Alabama is rebuilt.
It is a daunting task, but I have no doubt that we are up to it. Now is the time to lead. There will be many things needed of us, but there are two immediate requests I make of this body tonight:
As many of you have seen first-hand, 18 schools across our state sustained heavy damage. At least 5 schools are totally lost. Tonight I ask you to support emergency legislation to provide our state Superintendant of Education, Dr. Joe Morton, with flexibility to manage the challenges that lie ahead for our local school systems.
We also must pass our budgets.
I ask you to act upon that immediately and also pass any budget-supporting bills and our economic incentive legislation.
And let me ask one more thing of each member of the Alabama Legislature.
If you do not live in an affected district or if you have not witnessed for yourself the destruction, I challenge you to see it with your own eyes. I ask you to go to an affected area and see what I have seen. And ask the people who live there "How can I help you?"
I ask each 1 of you to follow the example set by our citizens, and follow the words of Isaiah which say:
"I heard the voice of the Lord, saying, "Whom shall I send,
and who will go for us? Then said I, Here am I; send me."
The events of the last six days have been extraordinary. As we slowly emerge from the tragedy, I can tell you this - there is a spirit in this state unlike any I've seen
The people of Alabama are strong and courageous, and our ability to do great things has no limits.
The road to recovery will be long and hard. But I will share that road with you, as it leads to a greater, stronger Alabama.
God bless you, and may God continue to bless the Great State of Alabama.

At Samford, we didn't receive any damage... but several of our students and coworkers and their families have lost their homes. I am proud of this Institution and how we immediately reacted with service and donation opportunities in order to support our community. I went out on Monday and helped to clear out the toiletry aisle at Dollar Tree... there was hardly anything left!! What a blessing it is to see others who are likeminded in serving others.

Please keep the state of Alabama in your prayers, specifically State and City leaders, victims, and volunteers. If you feel the need to donate anything, let me know and I'll be happy to direct you to an appropriate organization.

I don't know how much longer I'll live in Alabama, for I do not know what tomorrow holds. What I do know is that this state has a bit of my heart... and always will.