Thursday, October 28, 2010

prepared hearts...

I had the honor of attending a benefit tonight for E3 Ministries. This group does missions throughout the world, and I enjoyed hearing about the work they do as well as meeting some of the people who have done God's work throughout the world. The MC for the night talked about his own personal experience on a mission trip as well as several other speakers. One in particular talked about prayers they we pray as we approach a mission trip. So often we pray that God will prepare the hearts of those we will come in contact with on the mission...

... but how often do we ask God to prepare our hearts for the mission??

This thought really jumped out at me as I lsitened to these speakers. Missions has always held a special place in my heart... I love the world in the sense of wanting to experience different cultures and communities. But I also live by the theory that I should leave any place better than I found it. I think better, in any case, is showing the Love of God with others, and sharing when given the opportunity.

God has really been laying some different things on my heart lately. Those feelings of uncertainty I have been feeling are developing into a different direction, but one in which I need so much guidance.

... seriously, so much guidance.

It's one of those moments when I have a feeling I might know what He wants me to do... but am clueless as to how I should accomplish it or where it will take me. I pray that He will prepare my heart for whatever He has in store for me... friends, please join me in that prayer.

Love Y'all,

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  1. So glad I was there with you, dear. And honored to be your friend. God has great things for you and I can't wait to continue to watch them pan out. Love you dearly.