Monday, February 1, 2010

Emails from Daddy...

When I check my email, Daddy's email folder is always so tempting to me. After he died I put every email I had from him in one file and I always see that file on the left side of the screen when I'm reading an email from mom, the latest travel deal, or receiving a discount coupon for one of my favorite store.

The thing is... as tempting as it is... I always know that reading those emails will make me cry. The dates just keep getting farther and farther away. It's been so long since I received one and that's a harsh reality.

Anyway, today I didn't fight the temptation and I just picked on to read, and of course... there was a great quote of wisdom from Daddy that I will share with you all...

I've learned to leave the things I can't do nothing about to God, it's just that pretty regularly he has to remind me, that I am his, and he is mine. That he is in control, and if I'm willing to cooperate life will be better. - Daddy

So true... this reality that life is so much better when we realize and allow Him to be in control.

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