Friday, January 29, 2010

A Rant...

So I've never used the blog for a rant before... but I'm doing it tonight... really it's a rant that will turn into a prayer request... so here goes:


On December 17 I went to see an ENT in Birmingham b/c of sinus issues,
On December 22 I went to see a doctor in Hattiesburg because I had a sore throat and cough,
On December 30 I went to a doctor in Birmingham b/c I was still coughing,
Went to Guatemala... and was perfectly healthy January 5- 18,
On January 24 I went back to the doctor because I started coughing again 2 days after I came home from Guatemala...

Since December 17 I have taken/been prescribed:
2 steroid shots,
1 antibiotic shot,
3 antibiotics (pills),
2 antihistimines,
eye drops,
nose spray,
2 different cough medicines
(Totaling well over $250 just for meds)

Since December 17 I have had the following tests run:
2 chest xrays (December 30 and January 24),
3 blood samples,
2 strep tests,
2 flu tests

... and according to the tests... nothing is really wrong with me!!!!!

Chest xrays were clear, my most recent blood test (January 24) noted that my white blood cell count was elevated to 9000, (regular count is around 6-8, but they don't get worried unless it goes over 10.5) but all the other blood chems (or whatever they test for) were fine. I am having the ENT office run my blood sample they took as an allergy test to find out what I'm allergic to and if that could help me figure this out... but I don't have an appointment with him till the 15th.

I had the maintenance staff change the air filter in my apartment, and I'm going to get the one in my car changed as well. I also think I may go get some mold tester thing to see if it is something in my car/apartment... but I was sick at home (mississippi) too... so I really don't think it's my apartment.

For the most part I feel fine... but I have this constant cough that just gets on my nerves so bad. Right now I have a headache from coughing so much... and it does tire me out some. I missed work a day and a half this week b/c I was coughing so bad I thought it would be unprofessional to be hacking up a lung in my office. I have not gotten to the worried point yet... (though mom has) because the doctors have run so many tests, I'm just really annoyed!!

So... there's my rant explaining why I am asking anyone who is reading this to pray for me!! For healing, for wisdom in taking care of myself/ trying to figure out what is going on, for patience with myself (I know that sounds weird... but I can get mad at myself pretty easily), for help from medical professionals, etc... I'm just ready to get back to normal... and while I know that in the grand scheme of life a cough is not a big deal... it's totally interrupted my routine for nearly a month now (except for Guatemala... maybe I should just go back!), and I'm sick of it! I would appreciate prayer from anyone about this!

Also, another prayer request. A student worker of mine told me yesterday that her dad has brain cancer and he had surgery yesterday. I don't know his name, but her name is Sarah Tate. So please keep Sarah's dad and her family in your prayers. She is a freshman at Samford and luckily her family is only about 30 minutes away... but I know it is hard on her.

Thanks for your prayers and reading my rant!! Love y'all!

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  1. How are you feeling? Better I hope! Sorry to hear about all the tests and Dr visits :-((