Thursday, February 19, 2015

Meals and memories made here!

Let me just come out and state the obvious... I like food. But not just because it tastes good, but because food is a powerful tool in developing community, supporting others, and making memories. Anyone who has ever taken a covered dish to a grieving family or spent time under a tent at a tailgate falls into those categories. 

Not much had to be improved in the kitchen. Like the rest of the house it got new floors and a paint job. I also bought a new refrigerator and updated some plumbing. The biggest changes were the hammered stainless steel countertops as well as the white subway tile backsplash that was installed by Brooke and Ronald Lofton... Two great friends who were kind enough to spend several Sunday afternoons in my kitchen. One detail that I added just because I liked it was the contact paper wallpaper inside the cabinets. I'm personally a big fan of that small touch. 

I have a sign on the wall in the kitchen that states "meals and memories are made here" and I think that's so true. I fondly remember a lot of meals and recipes coming from that kitchen, as well as the high-pitched squeak of the utensil drawer and the chirp of Mawmaw Cole's bird clock which I relocated to the laundry room. It's really hot in there... there's really not much ventilation and there is not an exhaust fan over the stove. I used to wonder why my grandmother would always come out of the kitchen sweating but now I know. My grandparents also always used butter dishes as Tupperware. I thought it was a little funny but made sense, and is very economical. No matter what your meal was served in, whether it be an antique heirloom or butter dishes, it was always something warm always something yummy and always something available to eat while you visited. I've begun to try some recipes that are old family recipes as well as recipes from church cookbook and I'm enjoying spending time perfecting meals that were created by my great-grandmother or meals that were created by women in the church I admire.  I'm slowly learning those different recipes and hoping to try out a lot of them in the future so if you want to come over for dinner just let me know and I'll find something new in the cookbook! 

My great grandmothers chocolate pound cake recipe... It was one of the most delicious things I've ever cooked!

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