Saturday, June 28, 2014

Renovation Realizations...

A few things I have realized during this Renovation process...

1. I love to paint… but today I learned that love for painting is limited to painting with brushes. Otherwise known as… paint rollers are not my friend. I hate them… they hate me. Generally, painting is a stress reliever, but painting a wall with a roller… just stresses me out! Maybe it’s a control issue, I think that I have more control with a brush than a roller. Lesson learned, I’m a control freak with paint.    
Painting with a brush... I like. A wall - not so much!
2. I’m ADD when it comes to projects. I started several today and didn’t finish any… made progress on painting the walls in the side porch/mudroom and cleaning the fireplaces, but the mudroom needs another coat of paint and I haven’t started painting the bricks on the fireplace. 

3. In general I have a real peace about Daddy’s death… I miss him, as I have written about many times, but when I’m trying to find something in his shop, can’t get something to work, or just don’t know how to do something that I know I could have asked/called him about – I get mad that he isn’t here. I often times talk to him out loud… so don’t judge me too much if you hear that sometimes… 
4. My generation is weak about a lot of things… but as I worked on the house today while the power was shut off and sweated so much that I looked like I was a participant in the Facebook Cold Water Challenge… I realized that I am most weak about Air Conditioning. Mawmaw and Pawpaw Cole at least had window units and ceiling fans… but I just don’t know how anyone survived pre air conditioning in Mississippi summers. Those summer storms only help a little bit…  and I still sweated buckets after the ones today.

5. Why does anyone, ANYONE use contact paper?? I removed some from the cabinet shelving today and the only positive things I can say about it is that it protected the wood very well!
Why would you cover this wood with flowered contact paper??? 

It's still a work in progress... they have been working on electrical and sheetrock this last week and I am doing some little projects (though I now know interior paint will NOT be a project I complete). Mom and I had to meet with the Power company this week because we have to cut some trees down to install a transformer, and I'm having the hardest time deciding ease over finances in regard to the flooring I choose... I honestly doubt I'll get moved in until the end of August or September (due to work schedule)... but slow and steady wins the race, right??? .....RIGHT??

I sure hope so!

Love y'all,

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