Sunday, June 19, 2011

Father's Day...

I have been debating for days whether or not I would go to church today... because in my own words, "it would be hard." I packed a dress, but as of last night still had not decided what today. As I started praying about it last night, and rationalizing as I always do, I kept thinking about my blog from last Sunday, and giving my burden up to the Lord. 
"This morning I asked God to take on my burden of Sorrow... but I also asked him to give me the faith to let him have it."
I decided that if I did not go to church on the chance that I might cry or get upset, that I was not truly giving that burden to the Lord. It was the right thing to do... I wasn't excited about it, but it was the way I could follow through with my committment to let Him have my burden.

So did I cry at church? Well, the answer is yes... but it had nothing to do with Daddy. It was the story of this:
In retrospect I remember the Visa commercial about the Redmonds, but this story is the epitome of what a father is supposed to be. They may not all have the arena of Olympics and get world renowned attention for simply doing their job, but our daddies are supposed to encourage us, foster us, teach us in the ways we should grow...

I can't tell you how proud I am to be Dannon Cole's daughter....

 and to be the granddaughter of Claude Cole and Maurice Scarbrough...

These men are great examples to me of how to live life, how to serve the Lord, how to love my family, and how to be an example to others. Failures, mistakes, and all... these men were respected by their peers, by their elders, and by following generations. Such a Legacy to live up to... such a nice aim to have... I pray I can live up to that Legacy throughout my life.

{To be a success at life,
you have to be a success at living.}
- Daddy

Love Y'all,

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