Sunday, March 27, 2011

Reminders that God is in Charge

2 Reminders that God is way bigger then me: 1) Today I didn't want to go into work... I didn't have a good attitude about the possibility of it. Then my boss called, and to be honest, I didn't return the call for about a half hour. God slapped me across the face when Lauren told me that Tanya's (one of our coworkers) son was in a bad car accident last night and flipped his car into Shades Creek. (Blake is okay, but shaken up.) As soon as I heard that my heart ached for that sweet mama and her son. I went into work for about 4 hours this afternoon.
{God is bigger than me because He makes us

right our attitudes even when we don't want to.}

2) My best friend Liz is amazing... but we don't talk very often. Tonight at about 7:45 she was on my mind something fierce. I nearly called her, but Liz works at a church and I figured she would still be at work, so I didn't pick up the phone. Liz called me a few hours later and I told her about this... she told me that she wished I had called... because she was crying her eyes out at 7:45 tonight. She then shared with me what she was upset about and we talked for a while about what things are going on in our lives.

{God is bigger than me because He connects

us to our friends in ways that we cannot explain.}

Please pray for Blake, Tanya, and their family as they process his accident. Pray that they will dwell more on the blessings of what did not happen, rather than the thoughts of what could have happened.

Please pray for Liz that God will show her His way for her. That He will help her to make important decisions about her future, and that He will show her to rest in Him...

Les Amo,


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