Saturday, March 26, 2011

Kacey Lately...

My Life as of late:

Philly for NASPA:

I recently took a trip to Philidelphia, PA for a work conference. Here are a few images from the city:

A cross in Christ Church Cemetary where Benjamin Franklin is buried. I tossed a penny onto his grave for good luck.

Independance Hall, currently the tower is being redone so it is under construction

Liberty Bell (not as exciting as "National Treasure")

A Special/Sacred place for our country. This is the room in which our Declaration of Independance was signed. That large chair at the front table, is THE chair George Washington sat in on that special day...

Pretty architecture in Independance Hall

As I walked through all those beautifully historic places I had a moment where I wanted to call Daddy or Pawpaw. I always called them from special places. I'll never forget talking to Daddy as I put my feet in the Pacific Ocean for the first time, or the conversation I had with Pawpaw Cole as I stood inside the World War II Memorial in DC. Those were special conversations shared with men who appreciated those things that I enjoyed.

Beautiful Weather:
Birmingham is a great place to be any time of year, especially when the weather is as wonderful as it has been this week. However, despite its beauty... the only place I have wanted to be on these beautiful clear blue days is in the swing on the Gallery.

Hello and Goodbye:
Hello: My cousin Kristen came to visit and we have a nice time... great to spend a few days with her.
Goodbye: My friend Ashley just got a job this week and starts on Monday. She's moving to Charlotte, NC from Birmingham... keep her in your prayers over the next few days.

A Grief Observed:
I just read the entirety of CS Lewis' "A Grief Observed." I had heard the book quoted several times recently and since I don't believe in coincidence I actually bought a copy. It is not very long at all, but it is his personal journal from after his wife's death from cancer. I will go more in depth to the book tomorrow probably... but it is amazing and comforting to see that one of the most intellegent authors in History felt the exact same way I did when dealing with loss. More to come later on this point...

Things on my heart:
- My friend (since childhood) Allison's grandfather passed away earlier this week. She delivered his eulogy at his funeral today. I admire her so much for doing that, because I just don't think I could have. Please keep the Nobles family in your prayers.

- My sweet friend Sarah is having a baby this summer. She is one of the friends I get together with in Oxford every Spring and I am so excited to see her and her husband Kyle before the baby comes... in 36 days when we are in Oxford! During her pregnancy Sarah has been dealing with a lot of comfort and emotional issues as she writes about in her blog, Adventures of Baby Kirby ( Please pray for Sarah as she goes through the rest of her pregnancy and the birth of her baby boy...

- A new Opportunity for me... My desire to be at home with my family is growing and I am looking for a job opportunity to get me there. Please pray that God will open doors for that to happen, feel like this is His plan for me... I'm just looking for the way to get there.

- Mom's horse situation... it appears that she may not be able to show Happy in more, so she has been looking at other horses. This will be a major investment for her, but it is also something that will continue to allow her to be active in the show curcuit with her friends... Pray that God would guide her to make the best business decision on a horse.

Love Y'all!

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