Wednesday, February 16, 2011

God doesn't do coincidences... part 2

So as I have said before I don't believe in coincidence. Here's another example of why:

Mom is currently at the Dixie National Rodeo in Jackson, MS. She is showing Happy on Friday and Saturday and went to Jackson a few days early to practice and get settled. Yesterday, she was getting ready to ride Happy (Miss Happy Trails) in one of the arenas and this lady and her son walked up and asked mom is she would mind if they watched her ride, and maybe take some pictures of the horse.

Mom said she didn't mind and began talking to the mom and son, Jessica and Little Norman. Jessica's husband is in the military and she has a few other kids. They were visiting the Arena between doctors appointments...

... because the doctors think Little Norman has Leukemia.
{chill bumps anyone???}
Mom told Jessica about Daddy and his Leukemia and they talked for a while ... Little Norman got Happy and mom led him around. Jessica took pictures of Norman riding Happy and she and mom exchanged email addresses so that Jessica could send mom the pictures of Norman on Happy and also updates on how he is doing.
By this point as mom was telling me the story we were both crying. How can you question God's providence when of the hundreds of participants at Dixie National... Jessica and Little Norman walked up to mom?????
I an thankful that God created this experience for mom... I think she was finally able to recognize how much of a blessing she can be to people, and how God can use her heartbreak and loss to help someone else through a valley of their own (I know you are reading this mom... and this is SO true!!). Experiences like this help me remember that prayer I prayed after Daddy died... that God would allow me to learn from the experience and use it for something positive... to help someone else deal with a trial or tragedy in their life.
There are still millions of emotions... but if something positive can come from the most negative thing that has ever happened to me... then it makes it not as bad. (That sentence made sense in my head... I hope it did here too)
So friends... pray for this little boy and his family. For Little Norman and Jessica. I'll keep you updated if mom hears anything.
Love y'all,
Btw: Mom told me this story really quickly, so I hope I got it all accurate!

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