Saturday, November 20, 2010

I'm still thankful... even though I missed two days of posting...

So I missed two days of posting things I am thankful for... here they are.

{I am thankful for sleep and rest...}

Seriously, some days there is nothing I love more than a nap... and I am so thankful to have warm comfortable bed to sleep in every night. I think it is so important to just have times to rest. To take rest from your busy day, busy schedule, busy life to just be in a state of rest... I mean c'mon... even God rested after His work. :)

{I am thankful for Savannah Grace...}
My neice who isn't technically, but will always and forever be my neice. She has been the brightest light in our lives during the last two years of much sadness. During lots of our firsts without certain loved ones, we had our firsts with Savannah. She is developing into a smart little girl, and since I only go home once a month it seems like the progress is paramount month to month. Despite my absence, she knows who I am... she even asked her mom is it was "Kakey" on the phone yesterday when she got a call, which of course made my heart flutter and smile. I am so excited to see this little one grow. She's finally at the point where she says "yes" and "no", she calls mom "Bebbie" and she's pretty sweet too. Though, she can throw a heck of a tantrum... I am so thankful for this sweet little girl who makes my heart happy every time I think of her.

Savannah 4-5 days old... February 2009 (taken by me)

Savannah and Jack, Fall 2010 (taken by Ann Greer, Nanew Photography)
Love Y'all,
Aunt Kacey

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