Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Despite my tardiness... I am still Thankful...

OKay... so it's been a busy few days and I have not followed through with my daily thing I am thankful for... so here goes a lot of them:

{I am thankful for the opportunity to travel...}
I love the world... and not in the secular way. I truly love that God created a planet in which so many different cultures and languages exist. I am also thankful he created planes so that we can experience those other cultures. Traveling is such a wonderful opportunity to learn about others and experience like through someone else's eyes. I have such a desire to see the world, though some places more than others. (For example, I read an article this week that there are flying snakes in some parts of Southern Asia... so I'm taking that region off my list, at least the jungles) I have had the opportunity to live within other cultures and those have truly been the most educational moments of my life. I wish the producers of Samantha Brown's show on the travel channel would just offer me her job already, I mean seriously I would pack up now and leave.

{I am thankful for the ability to read...}
I love books. I think that a library is like a mall where everything is free. I love the smell of an old worn book which you know has been read a hundred times. I love that literature (for someone with an imagination like mine) gives you the ability to go to mystical places, meet people you never could imagine on your own, and that it also gives us the ability to learn from other peoples mistakes so that we can have a better future by learning from someone else's past. I am thankful for the ability to read so that I can learn from the Word of God (which I need to do more often), and I am thankful I can read so that I can communicate with friends and loved ones through old fashioned letters or, well... Twitter. I am thankful that I have the ability to read so that I can learn, I can communicate, I can understand, I can enjoy....

{I am thankful for the life lessons learned outside the classroom...}
I am in the business of teaching students lessons they cannot learn within the walls of academia... you know, like how to actually communicate with your roommate instead of texting them your problems. I have learned so much about interaction with other simply by having to do it. My best teacher in life though has been my daddy. The lessons he taught me through his words and actions will never be forgotten, but are a foundation for how I live my life. Here are a few of the lessons learned from my family members who are no longer here to share those lessons with others...

  • Daddy: Christians can't be racist... because if they are, then they are telling God he made something wrong or made a mistake in creating someone different from them. God doesn't make mistakes.
  • Pawpaw Cole: If you're busy... it means you have a job, be thankful for that.
  • Pawpaw Scarbrough: How to always say I love you, no matter how masculine you may be... It's always appropriate to tell someone you love them.
  • Mawmaw Scarbrough: the recipe for Lemon Ice Box Pie and Pecan Pie Cake, that Bounty paper towels can clean up anything, and that doing for your family is not something you should have to do, but something you want to do because you love them... and she did.

{I am thankful for my 5 senses...}
  • I love the sight of a bright blue sky and bright green grass, and the colors of fall as the leaves change
  • I love the sounds of my Daddy's music, a kids laughter, and the Ole Miss fight song
  • I love the feel of a soft blanket, warm clothes from the dryer, and silky lotion
  • I love the taste of Ice Cream, Sweet Tea, and Macaroni and Cheese, but not together :)
  • I love the smell of fresh baked cookies, my mom's kitchen, burning wood, magnolias, my Gucci perfume I spent way too much money on...

{I am thankful for cameras...}
... because they capture all of life's moments so that you can look back on them and remember times shared with family and friends or places visited and cultures experiences.
{I am thankful for home...}
No matter where I go in this world, this 12 acre plot of land in Lamar County will always and forever be home. I am the 4th generation living on this land and I came home from the hospital to this land... it's spacious and quiet... (I actually contemplated sleeping outside tonight) I can see the hard work of family members all over the place. It' s a blessed place filled with memories of picking vegetables in the summer with our ENTIRE family, swimming in the backyard pool (which has been covered in with dirt!!), grass surfing on a piece of plywood behind my Pawpaw's lawnmower, making house plans out of pine straw with my brother and cousins, walking through the woods with my daddy... I am so thankful for having grown up here on the same land that my dad did.

There are so many things I could write about... I keep thinking of more and more, but though I have to stop writing what I'm thankful for, I'll never stop considering what I am thankful for. You, whoever you are are a blessing to me, and I am thankful to you.

Love Y'all,

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