Thursday, August 12, 2010

A Song by... me?

So evidently at some point in my life wrote a song... I was cleaning out some things in my apartment as I get prepared to move to another building on campus, and I found some papers with my writing, evidently an untitled song I wrote.

Dear Lord (maybe that was the name??),
I thank you for the blessings that you have always sent my way.
'Cause without them I wouldn't be the woman that I am today.
You show me how to love, to live.
To face my fears and dry my tears.
You're the one to know what's right for each decision in my life.

Sometimes it's hard to hear your plan,
without a map right here in my hand.
But I know that you will guide me thru,
as long as I remember to trust you.

We look for luck throughout our lives,
like thumbing through the TV Guide.
It's not as east as we want it to be,
you can't snap your fingers and count 1-2-3.

You have to trust in the Lord with all your might,
and keep His Word in your daily sight.
So you can learn to live and love the way Christ showed when He died that day...
for me and you and everyone.
He cleansed the sins we had not even done,
so one day I could live and learn about the love God so freely gives us...

So... not necessarily a great tune... but it has some good thoughts to it. :)

Love Y'all,

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