Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Observations from a Hospital room...

I am having one of those moments when I wonder how God reacts to things...
I am sitting here in room 3325 at Forrest General watching Pawpaw Cole sleep. Literally, watching his chest rise and fall, and willing it to continue to do so...

Dramatic, yes I know... but it's true, and if my blog is nothing, it's honest.

Now he's snoring... that's good.

Sitting here watching him, (b/c I think it is impossible to sleep because I wake at every different noise he or something in this room makes,) I consider how God watches us. Granted, God can change any situation as He wills... and I can't fix Pawpaw. But I have to imagine that some times God sits and watches us willing us to continue to do something or to change and do something else. Wanting us to do something for ourselves or make the right decision. I imagine it is like what parents feel as they give their kids freedom to do (whatever you want to fill in this blank).

It also makes me wonder what God is thinking of me right now... He has given me a situation to deal with and sometimes I wonder if it is a test. Not that I am worthy of being tested by God... but you can't have read Job and not wonder sometimes! God allowed those things to happen to Job because he trusted the Job would stand strong... and he lived up to that expectation. So how reliable would we be with that test??
Something to think about as those trials come our way.

Well, his blood pressure and oxygen levels were good... so maybe the paranoia will go away and I can get some sleep.

Please keep us in your prayers friends... Comfort, Peace, and Understanding...

Love Y'all,

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