Monday, June 28, 2010

Inspiration from another Dream Girl (though I have yet to see that movie)...

Once again, I am reminded of the old saying Daddy would always remind me of... "When you think you're down as far as you can go just look down. You'll see somebody looking back up. Then look up. Up to Jesus. Confess, ask for help, and start climbing."

I didn't even know VH1 did those Behind the Music shows anymore... but I have sat here and watched the entirety of the episode about Jennifer Hudson. I have cried, and I have felt so proud for someone I did not know. Hearing her story, about the tragedy of her family... losing her mom, brother, and nephew at the same time... puts mine into perspective, and reminds me... though losing Daddy hurt (and still does sometimes), there are others who have been through so much more.

The following are the lyrics to "You Pulled my Through" by Jennifer Hudson (I tried to find a you tube video that was decent... but there weren't any, check it out anyway though!) I am amazed that she was able to pull off this performance just months after her family was murdered. I truly admire this lady...

"You Pulled Me Through" sung by: Jennifer Hudson
i was in the darkness
i was out in the cold
seemed nothing could heal this
this hole in my soul
you reached out your arms to me
held out your heart to me
pulled me back from the edge
thought i reached the end.
when i was drowning
when i was so confused
i was in the shadows
lost, nothing left to lose.
you, you, you pulled me through.
you gave my faith back
faith was so hard to find
you gave me my life back
you were my lifeline
the love that you gave me
is love that has saved me
your strength is what made me strong
you held me and i held on
when i was drowning
when i was so confused
you oh you you pulled me through
i was in the shadows lost,
nothing left to lose.
you, you, you pulled me through.
out of the dark into your arms
into the light your love saved my life
when i was drowning
when i was so confused
you, ooh you, you (pulled me through)
(when i was drowning) when i was drowning
i was so confused (when i was confused)
yea you ooh you yea you you pulled me through
(you pulled me through, you) you, you pulled me through

Now I am not sure who the author of this song is thinking of in respect to "you"... but I certainly think that God, Jesus, the Holy Spirit (all or one) could be put into that position... I know He is for me. I appreciate that I can be reminded of God's love for me, and what He has done for me and how He has pulled me through by random daily occurances and thoughts. Think about what it is that you are reminded of, and be thankful for it.

Love Y'all,

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  1. I didn't see the special but heard about the tragedy. I hope that she is healing. Dream Girls is great, I have the DVD actually, should have traded that for your book when you came to see me :-) You should come back out again. Think about it- maybe next Spring when I'm about to graduate, should be slower time school-wise.