Friday, May 28, 2010

Pawpaw's response to a prayer request

I called Pawpaw Cole 2 days ago to tell him a prayer request... it was one of those times that I really wanted to talk to Daddy about something... so Pawpaw seemed the natural substitute. I have a new opportunity professionally and an interview next week (Thursday)... I know the folks I'll be interviewing with, but I think that may be more nerve wracking than interviewing with total strangers... so anyway, I told Pawpaw about this and asked him to be praying about it with me and he gave me some very sound advice...

"Take your burdens to the Lord... and wait for His answer.
When He gives you an answer it will be right."

We then talked about how God's timing is not ours and that He may not answer when I want Him to. Pawpaw's second piece of advice was this:

"Put the Lord first and He will put you first...
He'll take care of you someway."

Oh the truth and wisdom of a nearly 88 year old man. Cut to the chase... basically he said he would be praying... but that he wasn't the person I need to ask for help from. Wisely reminding me that I have direct line to the Creator... and just cut out any middle man I might create.

However, I most definitely believe in the power of prayer and ask that you all pray with me that I will see and follow His will for my life... that's really all I want to do. :)

Love Y'all,

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