Wednesday, May 26, 2010

I'm in the Hollow of His hand...

Last night I woke up early because I couldn't really get my mind to stop... Oddly enough I had a dream that the Rapture was about to happen... I was trying to rush home because I wanted to be with mom when it happened, but one of my first thoughts was "see you soon Daddy."... So I woke up thinking about the reality of that dream. I think that if any person is truly honest with themselves, there is something about the Rapture that is a little scary. I mean, a trumpet blast that happens quicker than you can blink and suddenly you are in eternity (if you have accepted the Salvation offered by our Lord). Everything you have earned and compiled on earth, worthless. For me it's the uncertainty of it all that makes my mind race. Now I know I'll be one of the ones Raptured if I have not already passed on by then... and I know I'm on the winning team. But the thought that it absolutely could happen at ANY second (and let's be honest... some of the signs are starting to show) is a little unsettling for someone like myself who likes to plan.

As I was laying down tonight trying to sleep I starting thinking of that dream again... and then I just began thinking of all the other uncertainties in my life. One of daddy's songs came to mind that I just feel the need to share with you all. (I really wish I could figure out how to put some of them on here in an audio file)

By: Dannon Cole

Sometimes my way seems uncertain,
Sometimes my burdens’ hard to bear.
And I don’t know the cards life may deal me,
But I know I’m in the hollow of his hand.
But I know I’m in the hollow of his hand.

Life holds no promise of tomorrow,
Each breath might be the last one that we take.
The hourglass of time is almost empty,
But I know I’m in the hollow of his hand.

There is peace in the midst of trouble,
There is calm in the midst of every storm.
And though the winds of life may be raging,
Still I know I’m in the hollow of his hand.


The nail-scarred hands of Jesus,
They may look worn out and frail.
But I have this calm assurance,
That these hands will never fail.
That these hands will never fail.

Let his words sink in with you... in our uncertain times and our sudden storms, we can have calm assurance that our Lord has us in His hands...

Guess I'll try and get some sleep now.

Love y'all,


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