Friday, January 15, 2010

A Journey almost over...

I've had so many thoughts going through my head thru the last few days... so many things that I have wondered about... that I'm annoyed about, and more importantly, that I have had joy about... Our trip is going really well, the kids are amazing, and the students I am traveling with blow me away with their compassion and attitudes every day. (Check out itsmymission, one of the blogs I follow for their entries)

I wonder why Israel and Checha's moms come and visit them every week... but they are in an orphanage.

I am annoyed that 2 girls parents sent them to the orphanage as "punishment" for sneaking out of the house... they were there for 2 days and went home.

I have joy because of Joshua and Maria's laugh. I wish I could bottle it for you to hear. I'm going to attempt to record it on my iPhone, but we will see... I can hear them laugh across the play ground and it makes me smile.

I have joy because the kids have prayed for us... in spanish, and I understood it all.

I am annoyed that I don't know how to discipline a kid in spanish...

I wonder if Daddy can travel anywhere if he wants to... and if so if he has seen me working down here. I've asked him to watch over the kids... he can be their guardian angel.

I am annoyed that I have not felt so great a few days. I haven't been sick... just had nagging headaches and some stomach issues, but it's latin america... that's normal right?

I have joy because God placed so many new friends in my life. From my team, to the kids and workers of the orphanage, to Jeremy and Berta our Buckner reps, to our amazing translators, and Josue our driver... they are all wonderful people and have impacted my life SO much in the last week.

I wonder what will happen to these kids in the future. I pray that if nothing else, they will feel the love of people, but more importantly the love of Christ.

prayer requests for tonight:
One of the parents in the transitional homes I wrote about last week died today. His name was Marco and he was married and had two young kids. He also was the "dad" for several boys who really needed a father figure in their life. Please pray for peace and understanding for them all... and that someone will be able to step into Marco's responsibility as the parent in charge of the traditional home.

Also, keep praying for Alberto... Josue's dad. Josue is coming back to join us tomorrow... so it seems like things are better.

Finally, tomorrow is our last day at the orphanage... and it's going to be hard to leave the kids we have come to love. Pray for peace in our hearts as we say goodbye.

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