Sunday, October 18, 2009


This is a song that Daddy and Pawpaw Cole used to sing all the time. I
honestly only remember the first two verses (in bold), but the entire song has a
great message. It's one of those tunes that you just get in your head and keep
singing over and over again.... The song is also a great reminder of how we are
put here on this earth, not only to serve God, but to serve others. Ironically,
the best thing about serving others and giving to others is the blessings
that are returned to the giver... and I'm so thankful for those...

Each day I’ll do a golden deed,

By helping those who are in need,

My life on earth is but a span,
And so I’ll do the best I can, The best I can.

Life’s evening sun is sinking low,
A few more days and I must go
To meet the deeds that I have done,
Where there will be no setting sun.

To be a child of God each day,
My light must shine along the way;
I’ll sing His praise while ages roll
And strive to help some troubled soul, Some troubled soul.

The only life that will endure,
Is one that’s kind and good and pure;
And so for God I’ll take my stand,
Each day I’ll lend a helping hand, A helping hand.

I’ll help someone in time of need,
And journey on with rapid speed;
I’ll help the sick and poor and weak,
And words of kindness to them speak, Kind words I’ll speak.

While going down life’s weary road,
I’ll try to lift some traveler’s load;
I’ll try to turn the night to day,
Make flowers bloom along the way, The lonely way.
- William Gold, 1918
I firmly believe that God puts people and opportunities in our paths each and every day to help others in His name. It may be as simple as letting a classmate borrow a pencil, cleaning out your closet, or donating money to someone in need... but if you do it with a Godly attitude it makes all the difference. I have talked to several folks who have been abroad on mission trips that provide medical assistance, and students who have handed out free hot chocolate... and as they do this, and as the recipients ask why they do it, they are able to tell others that the reason they give is because of God and the blessing He has already bestowed upon us. Giving is such an awesome way to share the love of God in a tangible way that others can see.
I listen to Rick and Bubba every morning as I get ready for work. Last week they were doing a promotion with an organizational called World Vision which offers the opportunity to sponsor a child for $35.00 a month. The donation helps to provide food, clean water, medical care, etc... for children who are in need. I really felt God telling me that this would be something I could do to help others... think of this "sacrifice" in the literal sense: $35.00 a month is 2-3 dinners out! So I did some research and checked out the organization. When it got to the part where I was able to choose a child (you get to see their pictures and a little biographical/geographical information) I decided to search for a child born on June 20, 2009... the day that Daddy died. There was one little girl from India, her name is Anjali, and I am now her sponsor. So next year on June 20... I know I'll be sad as it will be one year since Daddy died... but I can also celebrate Anjali's birthday. You see the thing here is... I signed up for this sponsorship thing to help out someone else... but in reality and in the long run, this will be a blessing for me.
If you are interesting in getting more info on World Vision or sponsoring a child, visit:
I also believe that giving back is our responsibility as a child of God and member of a church. I can testify personally to the blessings received that I believe are a result from giving tithes back to the Lord. I don't make a lot of money.... but God gets 10% of my gross income every month. I have faithfully tithed since I got my first job as a RA at Ole Miss. In college, when I didn't go to a specific church in Oxford, I gave my tithe to the Baptist Student Union. So even if you aren't a member of a church there are ways to give your first fruits back to God. I know that a lot of people feel that they might not be able to afford to tithe... but to them I say this:
  1. God's the one who provided the job opportunity in the first place... so you owe Him.
  2. Try it!! I challenge someone to cheerfully (yes, that's key) give their tithe back to the Lord and see if blessings don't flow your way.

In the book of Malachi, the author refers to lack of paying tithes as robbing God, and who wants to do that?? Just check out the following verses that support my theory:

"Bring all the tithes into the storehouse, That there may be food in My house, And try Me now in this, Says the Lord of hosts, If I will not open for you the windows of heaven And pour out on you such a blessing, That there will not be room enough to receive it." (Malachi 3:10)

Even God says TRY ME!!!! It's a challenge! God wants you to give him His earnings to that He can bless you!!!! (I wish you could hear how hard I am typing these lines... it's showing my enthusiasm and passion for this!!!) Right here in the bible, this book written sometime in the 5th century B.C. and God is straight up telling us right now to Try Him!!! And the last line of that verse just blows me away!!


Seriously, no other explanation is needed here... God's gonna fill your bucket and refill it, and fill it again... how amazing is our God!! You give a little back to Him (and seriously, 10% is a little)... and He opens the windows of Heaven to pour blessings down on you!!! I honestly don't know how anyone can read this verse and not see the LOVE that my God has for all of us!!!!

I just don't know if there's much more to say... if we give back to God, with our time, with our money, with our talents and our skills, God will bless us so much that we can't even receive it all. Can you count all the blessings in your life??I know that mine are too many to count, but I'm so thankful for each and every one of them.


God, please help us to always return to you what you have given to us... and thank you for those blessings that we may not always notice, but that we are always thankful for. You are our God, our Savior, and our Provider of all things.


Goodnight, God Bless, Love y'all... - KC

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