Monday, March 16, 2015

Bedroom updates...

Most people who do renovations want a big Master bedroom with a walk in closet, or at least that's the impression I get from HGTV. I, however, chose the smallest room in the house for my bedroom. I only sleep in my bedroom, so it was a natural choice for me... To use the larger rooms for other things. 

I couldn't find any "before" pictures of the bedroom, but it was a purely cosmetic renovation. We removed the carpet and refinished the hardwood, and painted the walls, ceiling, and trim. I also added a new ceiling fan. 

This picture cut off the ceiling, but as I said... It's the smallest room! Like all the other rooms, the paint color is Allen+Roth "Shaken not Stirred" from Lowes. The dresser and bed have been in this house for as long as I can remember, they just moved rooms. The bed was Pap's (great grandfather) and was the bed I would always sleep in when I spent the night with my grandparents. 

The big challenge in this room was installing curtain rods. Y'all- I had to repent multiple times from the frustration I felt while trying to drill holes in wood that has been there for who knows how long!! Eventually I got the curtain rods 80% installed (some screws are a bit loose, and a few brackets were nailed in...) and put up blackout curtains (which really don't serve their purpose when Rbett sticks his head thru them at 7am every morning. 
I created some artwork with a quote from my Daddy, and notes from one of my Pastor's (Blake McCain) sermons that challenged me. 

There are two special photos in my bedroom, a picture of me and Daddy that I love, even though the wind had my hair looking rough! Te other photo is my grandmother Verna and her sister Ivloy. Thy are so young and happy in the photo, it just makes me smile when I see it!! 

So that's it for the bedroom! Say tuned for more updates!! 

Love y'all! 

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