Sunday, March 28, 2010


Today's blog is going to allow me to be a bit vulnerable, but it's on my mind and heart... so I am figure, why not share these thoughts with my little blogging community, especially when this may be on someone else's mind as well.

I have several wonderful friends who have gotten married recently or who will be getting married soon, several who have had or are waiting on the birth of their children, I work at a University in which engagement stories are as common as beach stories after Spring break, and I'm on the upside of my twenties... so all together that brings the thought and pressure of love and marriage and babies to mind more often than I like.

Now don't get me wrong, I eagerly anticipate the day that the Lord sends my guy my way, and the day He allows me to become a mom. I also figure that I have some more pull in Heaven now that Daddy, Mawmaw, and Pawpaw are there... and am hoping that He sends him sooner rather than later (maybe they can pull some strings). But, as a young single it seems like societal influences tell me that I should be in a relationship, and am missing out on something because I am not! Seriously, when can you turn on the television and NOT pass a show about weddings?? (I seriously think there is one on just about every channel) or not see a precious child on TV that for me, makes me think about being a mom... or even thinking about those sweet kids in Guatemala whom I would have gladly brought home and taken care of?

So... you know how in school they tell you not to bend to peer pressure, well, what about societal pressure??

I guess I am a little torn in some ways, because I enjoy my Independence. I enjoy being able to make decisions for myself, make my own plans, and the convenience than comes with not having to add someone else to that equation. I enjoy spending time with my single friends who make me feel better about my single status. However, let's be honest! What is life without love, right? And I am a 27 year old who has never been in love.

Yep, that's right... 27 and never been in love.

The more I think about it though, I guess I am okay with it. If it has not happened, then it has not yet been in God's plan for me, and recognize that. I also figure that since I have yet to fall in love with someone, that will just make the real thing even better when it does it happen (there's the optimist in me coming out).

So... what's the point of this rambling about my single status and lack of potential relationships... well, like I said, it's been on my mind. I'm not complaining... I'm recognizing God's plan for me in a relationship... whatever it may be. How am I doing that? Well, I say a prayer for him, whoever he is, every night. I may not know when or even if he will ever come along, that's up to God, not me... but I'm lifting up my relationship potential to the Lord every night.

Since the first time I heard the song "Someday" by LaRue (I don't even know if they are still together), it has brought this subject to mind for me, and I want to share the lyrics with you:

I don't know if you're near or far away
But I know that I'm thinking of you today
I don't know if I even know your name
But I know that I'm praying for you just the same
Someday we'll fall in love
You'll be mine and I will be yours
Our hearts will be one
And our love will ever endure
Then I'll need you, and I'll want you
And I'll find you someday
Then I'll love you, then I'll hold you
And I'll be with you always
Our love will be so strong and pure
You will make me feel like I have never felt before
You will be perfect only for me
You will make these eyes begin to see
Someday we'll fall in love
You'll be mine and I will be yours
Our hearts will be one
And our love will ever endure
Your faith for the Lord will be strong
Even though I know the wait is long
And though I'm young I still believe
That you're out there praying for me

So am I bending to the pressure?? ... Of course, let's be realistic here!! I want that love and that family that I have seen bring such joy to people I know and love. However, as I have learned in so many other things this year... God has a plan for it... and until He makes it or him apparent to me... I'll continue to pray for him and for what may be, someday.

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